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Business Consulting and Project-Based Assistance

Organizations at growth level have a lot to plan, organize, execute, monitor and analyze. Having extra pairs of hands from seasoned executives is a practical and yet effective solution. Timely and professional analysis, strategic advise and practical guidance on strategy execution are managers' and owners' powerful tools in surviving and winning in their chosen markets.

Strategy Formulation


Define and align strategies and develop the organization

that will execute the plan. Organizations often know what the end goal should be. Its in the strategy fromulation where the challenges occur. We will walk you through the thought process of defining the road map to success. Alignment of strategies within the organization then follows to ensure that
all members of the team are pulling in the same direction.

Brand Development


Develop and build a brand that is reflective of the aspirations of the target market. Enhance the elements of the brand that strengthens recall and awareness. Identify service elements that translate the brand positioning into real customer experience.


Restaurant Design


Design of restaurant front of house and back of house based on technical analysis of service architecture, menu mix and projected turn over. Providing science in design to achieve operational, sanitation, revenue and profit targets.


Determine the right equipment and fixtures to enhance productivity, employee safety and optimum use of real estate and assets.

Franchise Business Development


Growth through expansion that is based on solid back-end support from headquarters. Develop a store network management system that is efficient and monitored properly. Ensure regulatory and contractual compliance of franchisees carefully documented in the proper franchise agreement. Define a system of parallel growth with corporate and franchise stores through operations support, supply chain management and marketing programs.

​Organizational Development


Design and structure the proper organization given the strategy, industry and business model. Defninition of KPI's per department alligned with strategy and goals. Design of job description per position. Development of performance management system tied in with incentive program and career develpment program. 

​Operations Development


Develop systems and procedures for an efficient and effective operations at branch level and corporate level. Define and document operations manuals to ensure consistent interpretation and execution of standards. Develop an operations audit system to monitor and control execution of operational standards at branch level. 

​Operations Management


Third-party management of restaurant operations in the areas of area management, Third-party Operations Audit, Mystery Guest program, Training and Development program for Branch Management Team and Staff, Customer Satisfaction Index Services that are best provided by a third party to allow the company to focus on their service delivery. Independent observation from restaurant or business experts to give professional insights that will help the company improve its products and services.

Site Selection & Development


Professional and diligent scouting and selection of store locations. Determine market attractiveness, competitive situation, traffic generators and potential risks and opportunities. Preliminary financial feasibility studies based on market conditions, primary target market and brand acceptance. Methodical traffic count analysis in strategic areas of the target location.

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